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Bring Your Processing Home

We built Land Run Solutions to be your local Oklahoma company, for Credit Card Processing.

NO High-Cost Cancellation


Low Rates

EMV Compatible

Interchange Plus (+)

Next Day 




When working with your local processing company, you'll receive hands-on and face-to-face support throughout the lifetime of being a customer:


  • Local Office Support 


  • Local Acount Ambassador


  • Local Installation Team


  • Local Savings

All processing companies no matter the size, have the same cost across the board (interchange). Being we are exclusive to Oklahoma, our simplistic overhead structure allows us to provide industry low rates without effecting our profits. Our low cost is your low cost, which is why we're proud to share our profits:


  • Innovatively Low Overhead


  • Low Interchange Plus Pricing Structure


  • Transparent Billing; Seperating our Cost and Profits on Statements.

Being directly backed by First Data one of the largest banks, we are readily able to provide phone support after hours, as well as online access to your business's credit card activity:


  • 24/7 Phone and Chat Support


  • Online Analytics


  • Online Reporting Tools


  • And More

Knowing security is one of the biggest threats for our local neighboring businesses, we ensure our customer's credit card data is secured with EMV compatible equipment, and PCI complianct practices:


  • 100% EMV Compatible Equipment


  • First Year Free Enrollment with TransArmor PCI Compliance

Land Run Solutions has the ability to supply majority of the industry's equipment and software available, branded by top companies in the world. Contact us for a free assessment of your company's needs, and we will ensure you are equipped and ready for business:


  • EMV Terminals


  • EMV Point of Sale Equipment


  • And More…

Ensuring no business owner is left unsupported, Land Run Solutions offers a full-line of mobile products and services; we will meet your company's mobile needs.


  • Mobile Phone Attachments


  • Tablet Attachments


  • And More…

As your business is fast paced and online, Land Run Solutions can provide e-commerce solutions, gateways, and tools to improve upon your business's success.


  • Internet Gateways


  • Online Tools


  • And More…


We Have The Solution For Your Business

We are Prepared to support your business with the lastest technology that supports your vision. Our vision is bringing your vision to life!

Providing Services for Your Industry

From Gift Cards to Loyalty programs, we have the solution for your customer base!

Helping Your Business

Localize Now

Receive local Oklahoma support, up to date technology and security, advanced analytical tools and reporting, all while saving money! We look forward to assiting you help your company.

Online Commerce

Point of Sale






The most transparent and low pricing structure in the industry. The cost of business is passed through (interchange), while low percent fee is charged on top.

Industry Specific Gear

Reoccuring Payments

Loyalty Programs

Gift Card


"Switching to Land Run Solutions was quick, easy, and painless! Not only were they able to setup our restaurant with New Clover POS units, they had someone available on the day of install to walk our team through how the register operates... IN SPANISH TOO!"


- Mike V


Medio Tiempo


"Land Run Solutions went WAY ABOVE what would be expected for customer service when they dealt with our terminals being down. Not only do I get the lowest rate that I have found, but his willingness to do whatever it takes to take care of my business gets them a huge "Thumbs up" in my book!!"


- Kelley R


Salon D'Bella


"The BEST customer service! I finally have a credit card processor I can trust! They have helped me understand the industry and have been open to my many, many questions! I didn't give them my attention at first, but I'm so glad I finally listened! Thank you Land Run! Never gonna part ways!"


- Jill O


2nd Street Wine Co.


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